Review of Fly DS105C phone.

Review of Fly DS105C phone.

Once again, I want to start the material with a conversation about the name of the phone. The fact is that when I meet another phone with a stylish, easily pronounced and instantly memorable name, I want to focus on this. The new budget employee from Fly with support for two SIM-cards has just such a name – Fly DS105C. Simple and tasteful, you need to pronounce something like this: “fly de es one hundred and five si”. BUT, let’s leave the name and move on to the device.

Fly DS105C phone is an inexpensive model with a color screen, a simple camera, audio player and FM radio, as well as with support for two SIM-cards. Compared to other competitors costing up to 1000 rubles, this phone is distinguished by almost all of the listed functions, because there are very few functional handsets in this segment. In the review I will try to tell you about the main features of DS105C and also how well or poorly they are implemented in it, because the presence of certain features in the phone is not enough, the main thing is that they work.

Design, dimensions, body materials.

The phone differs from other budget handsets with its flashy appearance. Four different types of plastic are used here at once, they differ in texture and color. The device is standard in shape and resembles other ordinary phones.

On the front side, in the area of ​​the Commercial Room for Sale-manual.pdf keyboard, there is a dark gray plastic with a “cheerful” coating. Looking at the pictures of the device, you might think that it is dust, but this is not it.

The screen protector is a transparent plastic layer. The battery cover is made of matte black plastic, a rim made of glossy red plastic runs along the perimeter of the case; closer to the upper and lower ends, the rim becomes wider. There is also a red bezel around the center navigation button. Probably, it would be correct to say that the Fly DS105C has a youthful design, in my opinion, it is moderately calm, but it stands out, as I said, against the background of other budget handsets, so this is a plus.

The dimensions of Fly DS105C are a little higher than most budget handsets, the overall dimensions are typical for this segment – 110 x 45 x 14.6 mm, weight 73 grams. The phone fits perfectly in the hand, it is convenient to hold it during a conversation and when you type “SMS” on it.

The device is non-marking, except for the screen surface, which gets dirty all the time, even if it is not too noticeable. Traces and prints on the battery cover are not visible at all, but if you accidentally scratch it, it will already be noticeable.

The build quality is not bad, but there is one peculiarity in the phone that spoils the impression of the build.

Battery cover fastening.

The battery cover in this phone, or rather, the mechanism of its fastening, deserves a detailed story. I even specially allocated a separate chapter for this story, as you noticed. The lid is attached to ordinary plastic latches, there are nine of them on the back of the lid. The mount is the most common, found in every second phone, if not more often.

The problem is that on Fly DS105С this mount is somehow wrong, in the end, in order to remove it, you need to take an object like scissors and pry off the lid with it. Prying gently will hardly work, but you should not do it with your nails (you can break it). I removed the cover from the phone three times, during which time I completely uncovered the area of ​​the cover for which I was prying. Otherwise, she simply did not act.

The appearance of this deteriorates. If you remove the cover twice a week (change SIM-cards or put in a more capacious memory card), then in a month the back of the device in the area where you need to pry off the cover will look quite sad. Note that I had a commercial sample purchased from a store. So, if you stop at this phone, I sincerely recommend asking the seller on the spot to plug both SIM cards and a memory card into it so that you don’t have to do it yourself.


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