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Its taste is described as earthy, grassy, with musky undertones, but most of all ‘bitter’. In Argentina, the first thing one says to a friendly houseguest is, ‘¿Tomamos unos mates? (Should we drink some mates?)’ Offering mate to a visitor is the most common welcome gesture in this part of the world and the proposal is rarely turned down.

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  • If you want to feel the genuine taste of mate tea from an original yerba mate gourd, you cannot do better than this handmade yerba mate teacup from Sam&Co.
  • Yerba mate may reduce appetite and boost metabolism, which can help with weight loss.
  • While yerba mate is traditionally prepared with a gourd and bombilla, many do not use the traditional serving methods in enjoying this brew.
  • After it has brewed for 24 hours, empty the gourd and clean it gently with a small spoon.
  • The traditional method of curing yerba mate leaves after harvest involves drying them over fire.

According to the study,Although associations exist between mate consumption and esophageal cancer risk, this appears to apply to any hot beverage and is not associated with a cooled mate. The increased risk is associated with the heat rather than the drink constituents. Also, since yerba mate stays longer in the same “cup,” it’s much stronger in our opinion, so it delivers longer-lasting effects. While some say that yerba mate could potentially treat diarrhea, we experienced that if you put too much of it in the gourd , it could actually be the main reason for diarrhea.

Handmade Yerba Mate Ceramic Gourd With Leather Imperial Brown Color

There may, however, be a tremendous risk for heavy drinkers of yerba mate. Many devoted drinkers like yerba mate for the calabrian chili paste effects they feel after drinking it. The theobromine acts as an anti-depressant and can make you feel good. Yerba mate is famous for giving you a boost with no crash.

Ribbed, Wooden Maté Cup

Keep topping it up with boiled water throughout the day. Typically done with a spoon bombilla, use the filter to push the mate against the opposing wall, creating space for your filter and preserving the waterhole. Insert bombilla directly in the void , alongside the gourds wall. Cover the top of gourd with palm, invert 180º and gently shake up and down, bringing fine particles to the top and leaving the larger ones below, to act as a natural filter. The spoon bombilla is the most versatile and can be used with any cut. I’m a certified Tea Sommelier and a self-proclaimed iced tea master.I’m all about making tea EASY and DELICIOUS.

Drink the entire mate when it’s handed to you, don’t just take a small sip and pass it back. You should hear a sound similar to when drinking soda with straw. Place your hand on the top of the half-filled gourd and turn it upside-down. Shake the more powdery leaves to the top of the gourd with several flicks of the wrist.

Then softly scrape the membrane out of the gourd with a metal spoon under running water . Finally, put the cleaned-out gourd in the sunlight for a day or two until it is completely dry. These days you can make yerba mate in a French press or by using tea bags or tea strainers.

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Share a cup with friends, and enjoy how the simple act of preparing leaves in a cup with a straw, can bring people together harmoniously. The Guaraní have a legend that says that the Goddesses of the Moon and the Cloud came to the earth one day to visit. Instead of a happy welcoming, they were confronted with a Yaguareté that was going to attack them. An old man who was nearby, saved them, and in compensation, the Goddesses gave the old man a new kind of plant he had never encounter – yerba maté – as a reward for his efforts. They encouraged him to drink it and share with his whole Guaraní tribe as the “drink of friendship”.

For those who do not prefer the bitter taste of the leaves, sugar, or milk can alleviate some of the intensity and make for a smoother drink. THIS SET BENEFITS – The traditional and original way of drinking mate is in a natural gourd, a complete natural product. The brown color is made through burning the pumpkin and the lighter color is the natural color of the fruit. Years pass by and every sip brings sweet memories and special feelings with a unique taste that only a natural Gourd can provide.

Da Rosa adds more water from the pava, which has been maintained at a constant temperature on the stove, to the mate. He gingerly shifts the bombilla to the opposite side of the mate, where the herb has not yet been exhausted, readying it to be sipped and passed around again. Today, yerba mate is big business, sold in varying brands and tastes. Indeed, the Japanese may finally convert it from a local passion, little known abroad, into an international elixir.


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