Shipping prices

Together with us you can order goods from an unlimited number of suppliers via We collect your goods from various suppliers and sort everything in our warehouse in Istanbul. As soon as your goods from suppliers have arrived in our warehouse. Let’s start with the documentation for the export.

Our export department creates the required lists and information, so that you can export your goods from Turkey smoothly. Required certificates are attached to speed up the import in the respective country. Many suppliers in Turkey do not want to export your goods, because you do not have the license or the effort is too high for you.

Together with us, you can order and ship goods from any supplier in Turkey. You will receive an invoice from us. Which is 100% accepted by your tax office. We take care of the payment transactions with the suppliers.

You don’t have to worry about receipts that are not accepted by your tax office. Delivery note, export documents and required certificates are of course included and will also be sent to you in advance by email.

Please note all prices are sample prices it can be less or more in turkey.

Prices by land and Kg

(TL is Turkish Lira)

Prices by air and Kg

(TL is Turkish Lira)

Full truck loading like 33 pallets
Istanbul to Germany

4000 € door to door

Shipping time 3-7 days

Sea Container
Istanbul to Europe

40 feet/ 67,7 Kubikmeter
1700€ door to door

40 feet/ 67,7 Kubikmeter
960€ Istanbul to Hamburg

20 feet/ 33 Kubikmeter
1500€ door to door

20 feet/ 33 Kubikmeter
750 € Istanbul to Hamburg

Shipping time 15-30 days

Pallet 80x120x200cm – Istanbul to Germany door to door

1 pallet € 270

3 pallets € 450

6 pallets 780 €

9 pallets € 950

Shipping time 7-10 days

Prices for shipping by air

You can see them in the top of that side. If you can find your country in the list, please contact us, we will find the shipping costs to your country.

13 Kubikmeter
1-2 Days Shipping 

13 Kubikmeter
1-2 Days Shipping