Lada was connected from the factory to Yandex.Auto: a detailed review of the novelty.

Lada was connected from the factory to Yandex.Auto: a detailed review of the novelty.

Lada was connected from the factory to Yandex.Auto: a detailed review of the novelty.

Everything about the price, skills and convenience of the advanced Enjoy Pro multimedia system. This has never happened on Russian cars.

When, at the close of last week, Renault presented the new Connect telematics complex for the Arkana, Duster and Kaptur crossovers, it seemed logical that Lada would borrow fresh electronic solutions from its colleagues in the Alliance on the sidelines. But the reality turned out to be much more interesting and patriotic – AvtoVAZ went on its own track and offered a completely original development.

Multimedia called Enjoy Pro was created from scratch, without looking back at the current Togliatti head units. Moreover, from the initial stage, the project was supervised by Yandex specialists: components, software, electronic compatibility, reliability and other important parameters were selected and adjusted together. As a result, Lada cars from the assembly line received capabilities previously available only after serious IT surgery on the side. And thus AvtoVAZ showed what a fashionable “connected” eco-environment with a Russian accent is.

Well, done and done – well done, but what is the point?

There were some curiosities at the closed presentation. For example, when Olivier Morne (executive vice president of marketing and sales of AvtoVAZ) talked about the audience’s requests – an intuitive interface, online services, speed of work, integration with a smartphone – a fragment of a BMW interior was used for illustration.

But seriously, the result of the project is simple and convincing: against the background, to put it mildly, of the old-fashioned current Lada systems, Enjoy Pro is like the first manned flight into space in comparison with the launch of an artificial Earth satellite. And even the former Renault multimedia with a touch screen, which they began to install on the updated Largus, lags behind the Russian design in terms of functionality and quality of performance.

The main advantage of Enjoy Pro is in the numerous Yandex services already wired from the assembly line:

Yandex.Navigator (traffic jams in real time, favorite places on the map, voice prompts about speed cameras, traffic events, offline mode) – and, as they promise, free of intrusive ads; Yandex.Fuel stations (over 7,500 filling stations throughout Russia); Yandex.Music; Yandex Browser with Full HD video player; voice assistant Alice.

In addition, in the search categories of the interface there appeared the items “Lada Dealers” and “Lada Seven Types Of Dresses That Hide Belly Fat Detail” (routes to authorized service points and spare parts stores), as well as the possibility of direct communication with the AvtoVAZ technical support service using a QR code (24/7).

Pfft, is it like in carsharing or what?

Not really. Yes, the Yandex.Auto complex itself is not a novelty. One way or another, popular domestic online services, in addition to branded short-term rental, are used by many leading car manufacturers: Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Renault and so on up to AvtoVAZ itself. Even the Chinese pulled themselves together: two years ago we tested the Geely Atlas crossover with factory multimedia from the Russian IT giant.

But time does not stand still. And while the VAZ Enjoy Pro seems to be the most complete and organic solution for integrating smartphone features into the car. Since Yandex entered into close cooperation with AvtoVAZ, electronics engineers were given access to the car’s CAN bus: arteries and veins connecting all control units into a single architecture. Hence the useful “Easter eggs”:

new clear rearview camera with dynamic trajectory lines on the display; switching between day and night themes, depending on the mode of the headlights; blocking of certain functions in motion (when accelerating to 5 km / h, video playback is disabled); changing the volume depending on the speed; deep adjustment of the equalizer and sound balance.


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