We have a number of tools here. We hope this help you find a simple but useful application. We have used JavaScript tools in this project for a while too. However, we have implemented them manually and in the current version in Visual Studio and they are not very flexible. If you want to help us in making this more readable, we have made a separate directory to handle your JavaScript code – called the tool directory.

We have already written more tutorials, and will continue to write more soon.

As always, feedback is great, but please feel free to contribute with any questions or comments.

For those of you who want to know:

When would you prefer to learn Java?

Our Java programming language has one of the best features to build interactive web applications in more languages including Ruby, Objective-C, JavaScript, Python, C#. We are actively pursuing open source and open-source work, it’s time to come back to Java.

It would be great to open up an official project, but we need some work to find a suitable place. We have several projects planned (there are at least 5 projects already planned) on GitHub yet we feel it is necessary to have an official project on GitHub already. To that end, the Github pages have links to projects related to this Java language


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