Fragrant trees

Sales of scented trees

Secure your customer for life now. You earn money with every repeat order.

That is how it goes:

Step 1
You will find a business such as a kiosk, gas station or other store.
You show the seller a photo of the product, ideally via a tablet, and ask if you can set it up.

step 2
If you want to do it professionally, order a box as a sample. You go from store to store and show the customer the product directly.
You can place orders directly with the customer online via the Bazaani homepage. Please also leave all of the customer's contact details so that we can obtain confirmation from the customer.

step 3
You check the inventory every 30 days and reorder the sold quantity directly via Bazaani. We then ship the items directly to the customer for refilling.

Step 4
We will issue the customer an invoice for the items sold.
You get your commission.

To the numbers
The sales price should be €2.40 gross including 19% VAT.
The store's commission is €0.85 gross including 19% VAT. We issue the customer an invoice of €2.40 less €0.85 for his commission. That's €1.55 gross per unit.

Your commission is €0.50 gross per unit sold.